Self Driving



We offer a wide range of self driven vehicles from economical to luxury on daily, weekly and monthly terms. Our service guarantee is backed by an in-house staff on call on-site, additional cover as well as an extensive network of garages offering roadside assistance if required.

In this category, the client can drive the vehicle on their own without having a driver that could be managed from the company. But in order to drive the vehicle the client must have some of the requirements that should be fulfilled otherwise the vehicle could not be driven on their own. There are some of the rules of the government and some of the road rules that has to be followed in our country.

First of all, in order to drive a vehicle, it is necessary for all of the client to have a proper driving licence of the particular vehicle that they intend to drive. For the international client, they should have an international driving licence.

For the national clients it is not difficult to understand any of the road rules that they have to follow if they have drove around the roads of Nepal. In case of the foreign people, the rules such as there is a left hand side drive, some traffic rules, lane changing etc must be learnt.